The chords app lets you create chord charts that can be played back, shared, and exported to PDF. The page is also useful for learning new chords or figuring out the name of a chord you've discovered.

Get started by clicking on the fretboard   to add notes and construct a chord.

The main sections are annotated below.

Essy Guitar Tab chords overview
Show or hide the chord-creation area.
Controls for tuning and display.
The chord chart.

The fretboard is where you create chords. Click on fret-string combinations to add notes. Click the space before the end of a string to add or remove an open note or to remove a note from the string.

Essy Guitar Tab fretboard
Click anywhere on the fretboard to add a note. Click the "X" to make an open string or to remove an existing note from the string.
Play the current chord.
Add the current chord to the chord chart.
Clear the fretboard.

Use the controls panel to change aspects of the guitar and note and string labels.

Essy Guitar Tab chart controls
Specify flat or sharp when naming chords.
Change the guitar tuning.
Change note and string labels.
Choose other namings of the same chord.

The structure panel gives information on chord construction: the root, triad, and extensions for the chord.

Essy Guitar Tab structure panel