About Essy Guitar Tab

Essy Guitar Tab was created in 2018 to provide modern tools to guitarists for instruction, learning, and composition. Although similar (maybe lesser) software existed for local installation, the creators of Essy Guitar Tab sought to harness the power of the web to create a contemporary experience for guitar players of all stripes.

Essy Guitar Tab team members are avid guitarists and programmers and take pride in delivering a quality product to help other guitarists in their endeavors. While our end goal is to get paid for what we do, we also make an effort to provide our tools for free to those people who only need the software for a one-off project or are not in a position to pay for another subscription.

We will never share any user information with third parties unless required by law. On a simliar note, our goal is to pay for the site development and maintenance with subscriptions and never through advertising.

We are always looking for comments (or criticisms) to help improve both the site and the user experience. If you have any inquiries please reach out via our contact page.

Sincerely, the Essy Guitar Tab team.