Frequenly Asked Questions
Can I cancel my account?
Yes, you can cancel your account from your account page. Scroll to the bottom until you see the red button to cancel your account.
Can I delete all my account data?
Yes, when you cancel your account from your account page all of your data will be deleted. This includes any content that you've created as well as any information you've provided regarding a username, password, and/or payment information.
Do you share my information?
Essy Guitar Tabs shares information with third parties only to facilitate payment processing (i.e., when you subscribe your credit card information is shared with our payment processor, Stripe). We will never share your email address or content you create with any third party.
Who owns my content?
You own any content you create (as long as it doesn't impinge on another author's copyright claim). You can think of Essy Guitar Tab along the same lines as Microsoft Word: you don't have any claims on the software but any original content you create using the software belongs to you.
Are payments secure?
The site uses Stripe, an industry leader in payment processing, to handle all payments. Essy Guitar Tab never sees nor stores your credit card information; when you enter your card details they are encrypted and sent to Stripe directly.
Do you store credit card information?
No, we never see your full credit card details. When you create a paid subscription your card details are sent encrypted to Stripe, our payment processor. Essy Guitar Tab is able to access the last four digits of your credit card number as well as the expiration date but only uses this information for display on your Account page.
How long do subscriptions last?
All subscriptions are monthly and will last until cancellation. When you create a subscription your card is charged for the first month; after that your card will be charged monthly in advance until cancellation.
What happens when I cancel a subscription?
When you cancel a subscription you retain access through the remainder of your current monthly billing period; eg, if you pay for your monthly subscription on July 5 and then cancel your subscription remains valid through the end of August 4.
Can I reactivate a subscription?
Yes, in general Essy Guitar Tab intends to offer the ability to to reactivate subscriptions and retrieve full file access. Note that this is not guaranteed, however, and policies are subject to future change.